About Us + You

Welcome to Alchemy by Alta, a new apartment community focused on community, culture, Hayes Valley and our city. We invite you to participate in the dialogue that’s going to occur within this site on an ongoing basis.  Thanks for checking us out and for your interest in creating something exceptional.


  1. Are people that make normal working wages (i.e. teachers, firemen, shopkeepers, etc.) going to be able to afford to live here?


    1. Hi Frances — thank you so much for your interest in Alchemy! In answer to your question: yes, we believe that given the variety of floor plans and home types — from studios to three bedroom apartments — there will be rental homes for many in our community. We look forward to hopefully meeting you soon.


    1. Hi Alex — thanks for your interest in Alchemy. We will have a variety of price ranges in our community that will hopefully fit within your budget, and we’re currently in the process of determining the levels of all rents. As we get closer to opening, we will be posting pricing and will contact everyone who’s interested in learning more. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming months!


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